Capra NV selection of different pens styles

Our Team

Based in England, Capra NV have for over 40 years produced components for some of the world championship winning motor racing cars.

Due to our experience in one of the world's most demanding industries in the world; Capra NV produces collections which combine elegant designs with high levels of manufacturing knowledge and techniques.

Highly skilled machining operations are at the very heart of our collections. Each item from start to finish goes through a multitude of operations;  machining, hand finishing as well as assembly. Each item is then meticulously inspected and tested to perfection. Precision, design, innovation and quality are in Capra NV’s DNA.  

Our engineering artisans are masters in a wide array of disciplines, allowing them to transform intricate designs into wearable and functional art. This exceptional skill ensures that each piece possesses a distinct touch of excellence, adheres to our rigorous quality standards, and remains truly exceptional.