Luxury accessories made with 40 years of heritage in world class Supercar & Motor racing manufacture. British made collections with personality.


Based in England we have for over 40 years produced components for some of the fastest racing cars in the world which have won many world championships and trophies. 

Due to our experience in one of the worlds most demanding industries in the world; we are able to produce writing pen collections which combine elegant designs with high levels of manufacturing knowledge and techniques.


Highly skilled machining operations are at the very heart of our pen collections. Each item from start to finish goes though a multitude of operations;  machining, hand finishing as well as assembly. Each item is then meticulously inspected and tested to perfection. Each item takes 8 weeks to produce.

R & D

Research & Development of the pen collections has ranged from 2 - 4 years.  Many Factors are taken into consideration; aesthetic design, ergonomic fit, cutting edge manufacturing techniques, material analysis, finishing techniques and coatings.